about us

Atmospheric Entertainment is, simply put, the best way to add some character to an event. The concept was created by owner Scott Cramton after an observation. A pioneer in the field of interactive theater,he realized that when people want to meet famous performers, what they really want is to meet the characters those performers portray.

Utilizing his unmatched network of professional actors across the United States, and his already tested training methods, Scott found that he could give clients a true “character” experience where people don’t get to interact with an actor but the characters they create.

This unique approach to entertainment creates an organic and immersive theatrical experience like no other. Guests and events are entertained by mingling with “larger than life” personalities and drawn in to become larger than life themselves. It is one thing to watch a play unfold on a stage or screen, it is completely different when you are interacting with the characters outside of the plot.

And that is why we created Atmospheric Entertainment. To give your special guests a true experience that will leave an impression for years to come. From Fortune 500 companies to Celebrity Galas, our carefully developed characters have proven time and time again just how much positive impact they can have on any event.

Contact us today to see how we can help to take your event to the next level!